The Necessity of a New State-Agnostic Model

5PT does not deny that a state would be beneficial. Nor does it deny that a nation-state of refuge that provides space for the flourishing of an ethnos would be a good thing. 5PT does deny, however, that these are viable options in the foreseeable future. In some circles this has been received as “blackpilling,” but we must look at it as triage. It is not urgent to have a nation-state or an empire before having a tribe, and there are really no political actions identitarians can take towards obtaining those state-level institutions because they lack that sort of power and the means to achieve that sort of power under the current system.

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Terror and Tribe in the West

Muslim terrorists are going to continue to attack European and Eurocolonial countries because they believe they are “Crusader states” that persecute Muslims. And these states are going to tolerate it because they are more committed to cosmopolitan piety than they are to their own self-preservation. This is indeed just the way things are: two systems of false perception in conflict with one another. You will not save these people. You must rid yourself of this attachment. They do not want you to save them.

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Tribal Praxis versus National Praxis

The general principle of tribal praxis is to go outside of one’s network only as necessary. Resources should be kept internal as much as possible. Opportunities should be afforded to the in-group first. And so forth. All of these build a sense of cohesion and loyalty, and thus a stronger identity. And they are all impossible through the model of purely focusing on politics or metapolitics.

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The Western Liberal as Transhuman

What separates the Western diaspora from the prototype transhumans of the Western liberal majority is that we do conceive of ourselves as a coherent tribe with a past, present, and future. 5PT is about the formation of that tribe within our contemporary diasporic context. Among the societies created by the prototype transhumans, the only people with a sense of ethnos will ultimately be ourselves and the other immigrant communities.

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Some Future Plans for 5PT

To really build a compelling response to the challenges of modernity (or post-modernity if it allows itself to be defined at all) from the perspective of the Western diaspora, we’re going to want to look at thinkers who describe, study, and critique the status quo from perspectives beyond the all too common supremacy of equality. […]

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France and the Fifth Political Theory

The unfortunate news from France of the landslide victory (65-35) against French nationalism in their runoff presidential election is to be expected. But to be understood we have to take account of the advanced state of decay that ethnic nationalism has fallen into. What we take for granted as France (or the French nation-state) is not an ethnic polity as its forerunner was. It has become something else, something even more modern in its sensibilities and attachment to the material world.

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