France and the Fifth Political Theory

The unfortunate news from France of the landslide victory (65-35) against French nationalism in their runoff presidential election is to be expected. But to be understood we have to take account of the advanced state of decay that ethnic nationalism has fallen into. What we take for granted as France (or the French nation-state) is not an ethnic polity as its forerunner was. It has become something else, something even more modern in its sensibilities and attachment to the material world.

France does not exist. France is an administrative unit. The French are people who live there. This is what is popularly believed and the dominant meme of French politics. Ethno-nationalists may theorize that this is not so and that the French are a Western European people with a particular historical, genetic, geographic, cultural, religious, and linguistic heritage, but nearly all of these dimensions are rejected by the political leadership of France and most French voters, as evidenced by the outcomes of their elections. The civic not only dominates the ethnic, it completely marginalizes it from legitimate discourse on the meaning and future of France. The government of France does not even collect statistics on race, ethnicity and religion, making all attempts to gauge the status of France as a coherent nation-state into guesswork. But that is a product of the civic ideology that itself rejects those categories as meaningful to the concept of France. Liberty, equality, and fraternity are the watchwords of the elite and the demos; ethnicity is not.

The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) does not pretend this is otherwise. Mentally, the “French nation” is dead in what we call France. Even if theoretically it does exist in the way nationalists describe it, actual ordinary French people do not believe in it or are indifferent to it, to the extent they will not vote for its continuation through politics. France has an ethnic French majority but refuses to elect French ethno-nationalists. A growing number of children are born to foreign parentage each year, decreasing the future “French” share of France in years to come. Nationalists can bemoan this all they want and attempt to correct the opinions of these people in an attempt to “save” France for future generations. But it will not work, since like most Europeans and Eurocolonials, the French are a de-nationalized people in the aggregate.

The approach to the perpetuity of Western civilization, the advancement of our genes and memes, must change. In the French context we must understand that Europeans and Eurocolonials in the Western world are a diaspora. French people who do not wish to become consumers or Muslims and Africans, but to be French in a rooted and historical sense, are a minority. To survive they must be organized into a tribe and live as part of a greater diaspora network of Europeans and Eurocolonials. Converting the demos to nationalism so they will grant you power over an entire state to use as a homeland for your nation is a dead strategy. Instead we must convert the ethnos to tribalism.

The ethnic French and the enfranchised settler-immigrant communities of France have once again resoundingly rejected nationalism. That is the takeaway from the election. The future of the ethnic French, or more correctly the Western diaspora living in France, cannot be tied to the nation-state. That is the takeaway from 5PT. The French wish to guillotine their nation-state and this is a current which can only be ridden, not reversed.

But let us observe that this desire is not unique to France. And that is what makes the diasporic model all the more apropos.  We must not only concern ourselves with the Western diaspora living in France, but also in Britain and Germany and the United States and Australia and Brazil and so forth. To allow the borders of Atlanticist administrative units to choke Europeans and Eurocolonials off from one another politically, ideologically, and morally is to allow ourselves to be dissolved. We must reject dissolution and embrace diaspora. I am not in solidarity with France, nor do I mourn for her. My loyalties lie with the Western diaspora in France. France might not have a future, but they must.


Titus Quintus

May 7, 2017


5 thoughts on “France and the Fifth Political Theory

  1. Luckily the ethnic French youth voted strongly for Le Pen. This is a good sign that their generation is already beginning to think as an ethic group and will be prepared to maintain ethnic solidarity in the future.


    1. A slight problem of course is that there won’t be enough of them to pull off a 51-49 vote. I suppose that will make things more interesting, especially from a pan-European context.


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