Is Diaspora Defeatist?

Is it defeatist to say we cannot go backwards in time to the 19th and 20th centuries? If nationalism of the non-civic variety has been defeated, why chase after the setting Sun? Why should we be attached to this particular form of modernity?… It is this sort of thinking which 5PT seeks to transcend entirely, so as to not be trapped in futile, defeated paradigms. If nationalism relies on mass (re-)conversion of the demos in a given state, what is to be done if that threshold is never crossed? The zen of detachment provides a greater clarity than what for many is a kneejerk-reactionary mindset. The esoteric nature of the “blackpill” is not demoralization but the sharpening of one’s mind to achieve awakening.

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The Necessity of a New State-Agnostic Model

5PT does not deny that a state would be beneficial. Nor does it deny that a nation-state of refuge that provides space for the flourishing of an ethnos would be a good thing. 5PT does deny, however, that these are viable options in the foreseeable future. In some circles this has been received as “blackpilling,” but we must look at it as triage. It is not urgent to have a nation-state or an empire before having a tribe, and there are really no political actions identitarians can take towards obtaining those state-level institutions because they lack that sort of power and the means to achieve that sort of power under the current system.

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