Catalonia and the Problem of Separatist Nationalism 

The separatists in Catalonia are not motivated by any traditional nationalist concerns; rather they wish to create a better shopping mall than Spain, where Catalan is legally promoted above the Spanish/Castilian language (which everyone is essentially already bilingual in) and where migrants will find a more attractive benefits package than in Spain. It is cosmopolitan separatism in the language of nationalism.

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The Memory of Columbus in the Western Diaspora

In the Western world, however, we are asked to hate our first-mover and denounce the reasons for our existence—if not our existence itself—as products of great and irredeemable evil. For what redemption can there truly be for a great mass of sinners but their material and post-historical demise? When the grievance-mongers charge us with grand theft terra they are implying our forebears should not have occupied this land, that the Eurocolonial past should not have existed, that we currently exist as the result of a genocidal transgression which we can never atone for.

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