The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) seeks to conceptualize a non-nationalist approach to the perpetuity of Western people(s) and their cultures in our world. When completed, it is my hope to have formed a sound theory aimed at reconciling our heritage and the legacy of our empires and nation-states with our most viable future prospect, which is  becoming a stateless diaspora people or peoples.

Due to the intellectual and political trajectory of the Western world, we exist not as peoples with states, but inside them. And among those who have cultivated a mindset of “saving” their nation, the hardest pill to swallow is that they will only be able to save those who elect to save themselves—to form a diasporic tribe rather than being dissolved into the homogenizing mass of consumption and nihilism. 5PT is about studying, defining, and implementing the ideal of the diasporic tribe.

5PT, unlike most other political theories, will not focus on wielding power on the international stage or directing it at other groups internally, but on creating spaces for “our people” which are capable of resisting the trends that work against. Rather than engaging in theories of global conflict or coexistence, of more interest is finding ways to live with the conflicts inside countries (or civilization blocs) that threaten our existence.

Instead of a preoccupation with nationalism, statism, or electoral politics, 5PT is about the self-selected tribe, no questions asked and nothing owed to others unless necessary for its perpetuity. It is not about the capture and direction of a state but the creation of folk communities both sub-national and trans-national, capable of enduring under any state that would tolerate them and able to assist those living where they are not tolerated.

As this blog progresses, I hope to expand the 5PT to cover a variety of important topics and ideas pertinent to the conception and development of the diaspora model. Tentative key concepts and influences of the 5PT which shall be expanded upon include:

  1. The De-Nationalization of the Global European Diaspora
  2. The Necessity of a New State-Agnostic Model
  3. Sub-National and Trans-National Identity as a Response to the Loss of Nation-Statehood
  4. Contributions of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) to De-Nationalized Thinking
  5. Models from the Millennia of Jewish Diaspora
  6. Learning from Extant “White Tribes”: The Amish and The Mennonites
  7. A Post-Electoral Perspective on the Presence of Outsiders
  8. Diversification of Location: Suitability of Regions Beyond the “First World”
  9. Civil Defense
  10. Thoughts on Tribal Praxis
  11. Archaeofuturism and the Diasporic Tribe
  12. The Fifth Political Theory and the Fourth Political Theory
  13. Left-Wing, Right-Wing, or Rejecting
  14. The Armenian Genocide

See here for a complete list of 5PT articles, and here for a list of authors 5PT aims to discuss.