Key Concepts

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Identity Blocs in Western Countries

5PT theorizes the tribal composition of most countries in the Western European/North American/British Oceanian bloc is broadly made up of the following three categories:

  1. De-nationalized Europeans. Loyal to the managerial state. Believe in liberal cosmopolitan paradigms about identity. Politically dominant in the demo-bureaucratic system but complacent.
  2. Ethnic minorities and immigrants. Loyal to the managerial state in most cases. Believe in their own identity and are not required to relinquish it in order to fully participate in the society. Well-represented in the demo-bureaucratic system and the most motivated to seek change.
  3. Ethnocentric Europeans. Skeptic of or opposed to the managerial state. Believe in their own identity but are viewed as heretical outcasts. Almost entirely locked out of the demo-bureaucratic system, and whatever politicians they may have seated are mostly ineffective or held at bay by a cordon sanitaire.

Source: Terror and Tribe in the West

Sub-National and Trans-National Identity

In the long-term, 5PT seeks to make this identity formation more geographically concentrated and clustered, while maintaining its sense of global connectivity and fraternity. We want to reach a point where we can talk concretely about the size, dispersion, and economic niche of the Western diaspora in any given country. The diaspora model thus posits the adoption of sub-national and trans-national identity as a response to the death of national identity and as an extension of the identity formation processes granted to us by post-modern technology.

  • By sub-national we mean that the Western diaspora will exist in any state where we intentionally form generational communities and tribal networks. Thus there will be a Western diaspora in countries in North America, Europe, and British Oceania, and perhaps further in Latin America and South Africa. There will be American Westerners, French Westerners, Australian Westerners, and so forth. These will have their own local concerns and idiosyncrasies and practices, as they must. At the same time, they will not become those local traits. The Western diaspora of France is not synonymous with “French people.” French people vote for their extinction while the Western diaspora will elect to perpetuate itself.
  • By trans-national we mean that the Western diaspora will not be walled off into geopolitical cells. Our congregations will be in communion with one another, and our tribal networks will be borderless. Our concerns will be mutual. Since we are all living in foreign countries so to speak, we will naturally have more affinity for one another as members of the same tribe than we do with our out-group neighbors. To be trans-national is to belong to a community not limited by territory. So the Western diaspora will exist in multiple countries, but not be of those countries. I am a Westerner if I am in Chile or in Britain, though I may have come from the Western congregation in Chile to the one in Britain. Our shared culture and values will be deeper than that we have with other peoples living in Chile or Britain.

Source: Sub-National and Trans-National Identity as a Response to the Loss of Nation-Statehood

Liberalism, Rejection of

  • For many Europeans and Eurocolonials, liberalism is the common mental archetype. What we’ll call “liberalism” for short-hand is a rejection of one’s own nation and ethnos in lieu of a vast, global orientation towards humanity as a whole rather than its subdivisions.
  • The de-nationalized Western liberal who believes in the integration of all communities, the absence of inherited (or acquired) meaningful human differences, and that she exists as a generic human being animated only by the ideological pursuit of material equality and cosmopolitanism for cosmopolitanism’s sake, is the prototype of the transhuman.
  • This new kind of human has shed all of its organic identity in place of the ability to consume at will, whenever and wherever without any sort of communitarian barriers, except against the more “retrograde” identity-conscious people who must be vigorously excluded from participation.
  • Just as neo-liberalism adopts mass immigration to ensure permanent “national” growth, our de-nationalized transhumans rely on converting what are in essence nationalized humans to their paradigms rather than indigenous or internal reproduction. The immigration that they support after all brings in foreign ethnocentric peoples as raw material for their ideology, not people who are automatically ready to be upgraded.

Source: The Western Liberal as Transhuman