Some Future Plans for 5PT

To really build a compelling response to the challenges of modernity (or post-modernity if it allows itself to be defined at all) from the perspective of the Western diaspora, we’re going to want to look at thinkers who describe, study, and critique the status quo from perspectives beyond the all too common supremacy of equality. […]

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France and the Fifth Political Theory

The unfortunate news from France of the landslide victory (65-35) against French nationalism in their runoff presidential election is to be expected. But to be understood we have to take account of the advanced state of decay that ethnic nationalism has fallen into. What we take for granted as France (or the French nation-state) is not an ethnic polity as its forerunner was. It has become something else, something even more modern in its sensibilities and attachment to the material world.

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The De-Nationalization of the Global European Diaspora

When the Alt Right speaks about a rise in “white identity politics” or increasing racial tensions, they are observing phenomena which could lead to nationalist politics and the reorientation of Western society towards ethnocentrism and cultural preservation. Conversely, they may also be observing the dying gasps of an older model of existence for Western peoples. Outside of a few Eastern European countries, nationalism is largely civic, not ethnic or racial, for Europeans and Eurocolonials.

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Introducing the Fifth Political Theory

The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) seeks to conceptualize a non-nationalist approach to the perpetuity of Western people(s) and their cultures in our world. When completed, it is my hope to have formed a sound theory aimed at reconciling our heritage and the legacy of our empires and nation-states with our most viable future prospect, which is becoming a stateless diaspora people or peoples.

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