Syndication & Commentary

Readings from the Fifth Political Theory (5PT) have been published at:

See also:

  • A response from Michael Cushman at Occidental Dissent regarding the relationship between diaspora tribalism and Southern nationalism.
  • Gregory Hood weighs in briefly at Alt Right suggesting that suffering is what unites the Western diaspora.
  • Disfigured Praise asks if Americans have souls, with reference to “The Western Liberal as Transhuman.”
  • Elfnonationalist talks 5PT, The Lord of the Rings, and anime?
  • A lengthy commentary at European Civil War covering 5PT through July 2017.
  • Included in a critique of nationalism at Counter-Currents.
  • An article at Alternative Right discussing medieval “LARPing,” 4GW, and 5PT, as well as the future of Europe.
  • This piece at Social Matter discusses networks, group formation, subgroups dominating hosts, and makes note of 5PT.

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